About Stephen

Stephen Cross is a Registered Social Worker and is an Accredited Member of the Ontario Association of Family Mediators. He services Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area (e.g. Mississauga Brampton, Hamilton, Milton and Toronto).  

Stephen has particular expertise in the area of high conflict separation and divorce and his private practice provides specialized services related to families who have been impacted by separation and divorce including:

Family Mediation; 

Therapeutic Reunification or Reintegration; 

Assessments to make recommendations about parenting time, decision-making responsibility and contact; 

Parenting Coordination and other

 Therapeutic Services.  

Stephen has over 30 years of experience helping families to resolve parenting disputes.  He worked with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, a branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General for sixteen years as a clinician where he provided custody and access reports to the courts and provided clinical assistance to Children's Lawyers who were representing children in custody and access disputes.  

Stephen processes strong clinical skills pertaining to family functioning and has a solid foundation in trauma, attachment theory and permanency.  He has a passion and commitment to his practice and has great respect for and values the diversity of every individual and takes great pride in his anti-oppressive practice.  

Stephen has awareness and knowledge of a diverse range of families and identities and has a special interest and expertise in working with families who are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-faith.  He also has knowledge and experience in working with First Nations families as well as with LGBTQ youth and families.  

Stephen has over 22 years of experience within the child welfare sector, where he has worked primarily with children in care as well as their caregivers.  Many of these children have significant needs and have suffered trauma, abuse and loss and they have had multiple caregivers.

Stephen has extensive experience in interviewing children of all ages from preschoolers to teenagers, including children who may have special needs including learning or developmental disabilities, autism, behavioural, mental health issues or medical and physical disabilities.

Stephen has testified in the Ontario Court of Justice as well as the Superior Court of Justice on numerous occasions and has been qualified by the courts as an expert in his field.