Sometimes, parents continue to struggle and come to agreements after they have  a final parenting plan or where there is a court order in place.  Stephen's role as Parenting Coordinator (PC) has two general functions. 

One is as a coach/educator/facilitator, who attempts to minimize parental conflict and enhance mutual respect and cooperation.  The second function is to assist parents to implement, maintain and comply with their parenting plan or court order.  Stephen does however, not make binding decisions regarding legal custody, relocation and/or parenting time schedules, other than those of a minor and temporary nature.    

If there is a dispute and the parents cannot come to a mutual agreement, Stephen will use a number of methods to assist the parents.  Stephen also works with a well known arbitrator/lawyer who is able to arbitrate and make a final and binding decision in keeping with the children’s best interests for matters that are not designated otherwise in the Parenting Plan.  


'End of the Rainbow'

Pop-Art  created by Emily Cross, age 10 years