Parents may require professional guidance or assistance to help a child who is alienated from a parent or who is caught between the parents.  The chid may show distress or other symptoms during transitions between parental homes and parents may need guidance around how to communicate with the other parent or may need to consult about their divorce dispute. 

Reunification Counselling is a process to reestablish contact between a parent and a child or children where there has been a disruption in that relationship or where an extended period of time has passed where there has been no contact.

Intensive therapy with all members of the family, including both parents and children will be key to re-esatablishing contact in a healthy and safe manner. Stephen may conducts therapy individually with the child/ren and both parents in any combination as recommended. 

The purpose of the therapy is to work with each parent and the children toward the goal of reestablishing appropriate relationships. The process includes education of the parents so that each parent may fully understand the needs of each child as well as the negative repercussions for the child/ren of a severed relationship with a parent in their young lives and as adults.