• Mediation services with a focus on assisting parents develop a parenting plan and residential schedule and how decisons shall be made about the child/ren.

  • Parenting Coordination services to assist with the implementation of the final parenting plan.

  • Assessments where recommendations will be provided after a thorough review of the circumstances of the child/ren and recommendations made about parenting time, decision-making responsibility and contact.

  • Voice of the child reports where the wishes of the child may be brought into the mediation, arbitration or litigation process. 

  • Reintegration Counselling where child/ren have been estranged from a parent.

  • Parent Education and Coaching, individual parent coaching or co-parent coaching to teach the tools, provide support and structure to assist parents in becoming a healthy resource for their children while their children deal with new transitions and a new type of parenting.  Advice and guidance is provided about a variety of issues related to separation/divorce at any point during or after the separation process. This may include advice about how to tell your child about the upcoming parental separation.  This also includes obtaining advice and information about children’s reactions to divorce and the dispute resolution services that are likely to meet your family’s individual needs.

  • Counselling with a focus on parenting challenges;  blended familes; intergenerational family conflicts; communication; dealing with conflict; family relationships; infidelity.

    Mr. Cross offers financial mediation services in collaboration with a financial divorce specialist.